Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Fruit filled cake

The quest for a fruit filled cake began with my niece's bday parties.  The delicious fruit filled cakes from     La Bonbonniere were always a hit at parties.  Of course I never had the audacity to try to bake them at that point in time (am talking 5 yrs back).  Heck I didnt even know that we could bake them at home.

Later on, thanks to one of my friends I started baking the chocolate cake and I absolutely had to go buy the stand mixer.  Its probably one of the best investments I have made in the kitchen. (I bake this cake all the time because even if I screw up I could still pass this off as Chocolate Mousse and get away with it)

I tried to break out of my comfort zone for one of my dinner parties just last week and was itching to bake the fruit filled cake. I didn't want a recipe that was intimidating and called for a lot of work.  I looked at various recipes online and this one sounded the most easiest and the reviews were pretty good too.
Though I didn't like the fact that I had to wash my stand mixing vessel right away after I made the cake batter, only to use it again for the frosting!! Aah the joys of baking right??

Click here for the recipe to the cake

 I took a check of ingredients that I would need and there was the mysterious whipped topping mix, (have never heard of that) Not sure what it was either.  But it seemed like a powder as the recipe called for two envelopes of that mix. I hunted some stores around the area and never found it and the staff there were not aware of such a thing either.

One of employees in one of the stores told me to check Walmart and lo and behold, Walmart had a good bunch of these mixes.

That sealed the deal as it was the highlight of the cake, so never substitute it for anything.

I followed the recipe to the Tee except for one change (used 2 eggs instead of 4 egg whites as one of the reviews suggested that and I was too lazy to separate the eggs). Also used a little less of the white chocolate (these were suggestions from the user reviews of the cake)
Didnt expect that 3/4th of the cake would be finished and gobbled up by my friends at the dinner party.

I think I would like to improvise next time and add another layer of fruit and cake to this recipe to make the cake taller and of course

I need to get my frosting at a good consistency to spread. I am slowly getting there as I baked this cake twice over the weekend. The second time for a birthday party.  I have more recipes lined up just not enough pictures. I will get to them soon.

Till then enjoy this delicious cake.(the frosting mixed in with the white chocolate tastes heavenly!! Who knew that white chocolate could be so tasty)

curry-n-spice tips:

*I used my stand mixer for this
*Depending on the your oven the time to bake the cake might vary so make a note of that
* the vanilla cake does not turn brown so watch out and dont let it burn

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