Saturday, April 23, 2011

Flourless chocolate cake

I know I know, I was supposed to post a main course, but dessert it is.

There is a little story behind this dessert posting because I went and bought Kitchen Aid stand mixer from Macy's when they had a sale last week. I have been itching to buy one for quite sometime now and made use of all my proper coupons and rewards certificate to go get this one.
So naturally I wanted to bake and post a dessert.
Tasted this cake at my friend's house last year and been bugging her ever since for the recipe and got together with her last week to make this for bake day at work.

I then made it for the weekend (without adult supervision), just for laughs, and yes there is still a considerable amount of cake left and can you believe I haven't eaten it yet?

I think it should be called death by chocolate!! Its a simply addictive cake. For all you gluten free eaters, this is a recipe to die for.

The cut piece was given to my cousin and then another piece went to another friend.
Recipe borrowed from an online website.

Yes, I do eat eggs, not a preferred choice, but its ok for me in cakes, cookies and the sorts. So am not vegan, am more veggie??? Now that's open for debate.

Clickhere (is the link to the recipe)

Curry-n-spice Tip:

(It should rather read as my friend's tips)

*half bittersweet ghiradelli chocolate and half semi sweet ghirardelli chocolate for this

*Also for the water bath, used an aluminium foil pan that was big enough to hold the cake pan and the water.

*Used a spring foam cake pan.

*Cut up strawberries to garnish the top.


  1. OH, don't you just love the kitchen aid...I absolutely love mine and miss not having it here in Houston. The cake looks you can open up a bakery with me :-)

  2. Yes Monika, I simply love it. We can open up a bakery and take pictures of our food and hang it up on our walls. That's just a picture perfect idea. :D