Sunday, March 10, 2013

Malai Pista Kulfi

Ok..its just a fancy Indian name for a cream and Pistachios loaded icecream.

The recipe for the Kulfi Quest (try saying that 10 times really fast), began for me quite recently but the days of eating Kulfi from the aluminium moulds and eating them out of the clay plates.  Yum and delish!  The summer evenings (wait a minute...its always summer back home...but the holidays dont last that long! Sigh!!) spent waiting for the Kulfi vendor to come on the streets with his cart and ringing the bell (almost like the ice cream truck here).

I made this for our little get together with the girls when did movie night with the Gals and only had 6 moulds and we kept refilling them till we had our fill of the Kulfi.

It makes about 24 Kulfis easily, so be prepared with moulds or wash/refills. :)

Recipe courtesy Vah re

Ingredient Name Unit Quantity
cool whip


2 boxes

evaporated milk


1 big

green pistachios





few strands

sweetened condensed milk


1 medium

white bread



make coarse powder of pistas. Keep aside blend all the remaining ingredients together add pista powder to the blended mixture pour in a tray (or kulfi moulds if available) add saffron and Pista powder for garnish. Freeze in ice pop moulds for about 5 to 6 hrs.

curry-n-spice tips:

  1. I only used 1 box of the  cool whip 
  2. I was too cheap to use the saffron as I was making it for the first time and it came out just fine.
  3. Used one 12oz can of Evaporated milk, one 8 oz can of condensed milk and one 8 oz of cool whip from the freezer section. 
  4. I used the Ice pop moulds from Ikea 

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